We (TOCfunds) are a business loan brokerage that specializes in finding the funding businesses need for major expenses, equipment acquisition, commerical real estate, or just simple cash to cover basic operating expenses until the revenues catch up.

Our private funding solutions offer a financing process that is significantly easier to APPLY to and get APPROVAL for, and qualifications like a high minimum credit score are far less strict. 

  • No Document Lines

  • 0% Intro Interest rates

  • Perfect for Start-ups

  • Tax Returns Not required

  • Bad Credit Options

  • Access to Cash Fast

  • No Collateral / Unsecured Lines up to $500K

  • Better (and Easier) than a Bank

Featured Funding Solution:  Accounts Receivables Funding 

Accounts Receivable Funding (Invoice Factoring) is a financial transaction that is business to business. It’s when a business sells its accounts receivables to a factoring company for a fee similar to a credit card fee.


The invoice factoring industry is mostly concerned about the strength of your invoices, rather than the length of time that you have been in business or your credit score. If you have good quality invoices, you’re a great candidate to factor your aging receivables.

  • Purchase Order Financing

  • Supply Chain Financing

  • Funding is 3-5 days

  • No financials up to $350K

  • Low Credit Score Approved



Let us match you to the best funding products to support your funding needs.