Alternative Small Business Funding Options
Alternative lending is much more flexible than bank lending. As alternative lending is done by private companies, it’s easier to apply and get approval, and qualifications like minimum credit score are far less strict. There are also more options when alternative lenders are providing the loan. 

TOCFunds is a business loan brokerage that has developed relationships with top-rated alternative funding companies.  We have years of experience in business and are entrepreneurs ourselves that have gone through this process and can help you navigate the options.  

Here are the most popular types of business loans we can provide...

Term Loans
Term loans are the most popular alternative loan. Similar to a traditional bank loan, they usually involve a large sum paid back with interest over time. We recommend these loans to businesses that need to make major purchases. Sometimes that means equipment for a specific business, sometimes it’s a building renovation. Whatever the major purchase, alternative lending can help.

Business Lines of Credit
Our lines of credit work just as you might expect. With this alternative lending option, businesses receive a set amount of money that is available as often as it is paid back. These types of loans are great for small businesses that want help with cash flow. When it comes to paying vendors or employees, this alternative business funding option can be extremely useful. It also provides small businesses the opportunity to increase their credit score as they receive funding.

Equipment leasing
Sometimes business owners are in need of equipment that is constantly becoming outdated or that goes through wear and tear in its use. When this is the case, equipment leasing can be extremely useful. With equipment leasing, alternative lenders buy the equipment and then lease it to business owners for a set amount of time.

Equipment financing
Equipment leasing can allow for greater flexibility, but when business equipment has a long lifespan and could be useful as a long-term asset, it makes sense to invest and purchase that equipment. Equipment financing helps business owners do just that.​

If you aren’t sure what type of alternative lending option will be best for you, don’t worry. Our loan funding specialists will help you pinpoint the perfect solution. As long as you need the flexibility and freedom an alternative loan can provide, you know enough to apply.