Invoice Factoring

Many business owners sell their account receivables in the form of an invoice to our factoring company. The factoring company then advances up to 90% (the other 10% is held in a reserve account) of the face invoice amount.


We collect the full amount from the customer in due course and pay the balance amount due to the business owner after deducting the discount fee for the services rendered.


Businesses turn to commercial factoring companies to solve working capital issues. When a business chooses to factor invoices with an invoice factoring company, you now have the freedom to offer longer credit terms as you will always be paid within 24 hours of the verification process.

Account receivable financing will allow you to increase your inventory, grow your business and give you peace of mind knowing you have the capital to pay your staff and it will allow you to even pay yourself.

When you use a factoring company to finance your account receivables, you commit to bringing your business to the next level. Every business needs working capital; some of the largest companies in the USA use invoice factoring companies to solve their financial needs.


If you are ready to taste financial freedom, please contact TOCfunds today or you can complete our easy application.


  • Improved Cash Flow and Working Capital - Instead of waiting for your customers to pay their invoices, invoice factoring provides immediate cash you can use to achieve your business objectives. Stop waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid on your invoices 

  • Capitalize on Opportunities - with cash flow tied to your sales (invoices), you can take advantage of growth opportunities including new sales and marketing initiatives, equipment for expansion, securing new accounts, additional inventory...

  • An alternative to Loans or Borrowing - Many lenders avoid small and medium-sized businesses, especially young companies. We realize every business has to start someplace. Factoring offers you the working capital your business needs while other forms of financing simply put limits on you.

  • Reduced Operating Expenses - use the cash from account receivable financing to qualify for cash discounts from your suppliers and eliminate the overhead of the collection process.

  • Improved or Strengthened Credit - with cash in hand, you can quickly pay your bills (and take advantage of your suppliers' discounts), your payroll, your taxes

  • Stronger Balance Sheet - because factoring is not a loan, it doesn't appear on your balance sheet as an expense. You get the benefit of a loan without the traditional downside.

  • Value-Added Services - in addition to improving your cash flow, as your factor we offer professional bookkeeping and collection services so you can focus on what you do best.