Credit is the Key to Funding

Through our business loan partner, Nav, we now offer a  Nav Credit Monitoring Service that will help show how your business (and you personally) are viewed by creditors.  With this service, you can monitor your credit and initiate building business credit, using the business booster level.   Pull back the curtains on your data and take control. 


Credit Repair

If your credit needs some TLC and repair, we will connect you with one of the best in the business 60 Day Credit Repair.

 Their process is focused and guaranteed, and here is how it works:

Step 1 - We will submit your information to 60 Day Credit Repair
Step 2 - An agent from 60 Day Credit Repair will contact you and explain, process, fees, etc - 12 monthly payments of $150 with nothing due for 14 days
Step 3 - A "welcome" call is scheduled 24-48 hours after that to confirm accounts they want to dispute
Step 4 - Day 7 tracking numbers are emailed to the client confirming disputes have been mailed out
Step 5 - We hold scheduled follow up calls every 30 days to make sure results and expectations are met
Step 6 - We guarantee/warranty that their scores will go up a minimum of 100 points in 90 days. If the warranty is hit (100 point increase in 90 days) client continues to make the rest of the 12 monthly payments. If not, the contract is canceled, billing is stopped, and the client keeps the results we've achieved.


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Obtaining the business credit that you need to secure the money you will need to run your business is just a click away.


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